Thursday, 4 September 2008

50 Ways Marketers Could Use Social Media


I recently came across this list from Chris Brogan that looks like a one-stop IDP on Social Media for IBM Marketers! Frankly there are many aspects here that I simply don't understand - but it's clearly full of some crackerjack practical ideas for us marketers. Jeremiah Owyang at Forrester has then taken this list and grouped them under 5 objectives which I think helps the list become even more practical. These objectives are:

  1. Listening: Gleaning market and customer insight and intelligence
  2. Talking: Engaging in a two way discussion to get your message out (and get messages in)
  3. Energizing: Letting your customers tell your prospects on your behalf (viral, word of mouth)
  4. Supporting: Getting your customers to self-support each other
  5. Embracing: Building better products and services through collaboration with clients

Powerful Stuff - check it out.

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