Monday, 28 September 2009

Biggest Mistakes in B2B Content Marketing

Over on ClickDocuments blog - Connect the Docs there's a good collection of insights from a number of B2B Marketing luminaries (Brian Carrroll, Mac McIntosh, to name two) on some of the most common B2B Content marketing mistakes to be avoided. The key ones listed are
  • Avoid the One-Off Send Syndrome
  • Avoid Me, Me, Me Marketing!
  • Not being relevant to your audience
  • Not cariing about your audience
  • Not finding multiple uses for your content
  • Missing the opportunity to create content specific to buyer personas
Some nice examples in here, but it all points to the same issue - nurturing a relationship with a potential client does NOT equate to sending them a brochure, or asking regularly if they're ready to buy yet. Simple.

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